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hile writing a fantasy novel, Rebecca Angel decided to put in a band made up of mythical creatures called 'Camelot's Destruction'.  Wondering what kind of music this band would write, she started composing songs, realized she was on a gold mine of inspiration, and hasn't stopped on the strange and fantastical journey of covering a band that only exists within the fantasy realms of her mind.  Though that only explains a portion of the vast catalogue of songs written by Rebecca Angel in the past ten years.

Rebecca Angel studied piano from an early age and sang in classical choirs for many years.  But it wasn't until she picked up the guitar as an adult that the songs started flowing.  Growing up with classical music, but finding grunge and alternative rock as a teenager, Rebecca Angel's music blends both melodic quality and raw emotion.  Her lyrics roam freely from evil wizards to sappy love songs.  When percussion, mandolin and harmony vocals with her band are added, her music is brought to a new texture of musicality.  With a voice like Joni Mitchell, the stage presence of Ani DeFranco and the imagination of J.K. Rowling, she'll never stop writing, and with performances throughout the Capital Region of New York, extending into Vermont and Connecticut, Rebecca Angel is quickly becoming part of the musical scene.















"I must say that anybody who missed Rebecca Angel at the Utica Music Fest missed out on the essence of what the fest is all about. Both performances, solo and with the band, were nothing less than stunning. I had already bought her CD's and listened to everything on her myspace, but to witness Rebecca perform was really something special !! ..... consider me a devoted fan."  — GuitboxBob

Review, Utica Music Fest 2008