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Live for Darien

1  Start Living
2  Optimist's Manifesto
3  Valentine's Day

4  Next Morning

5  Wonder Why

6  For Pat (I'll Write a Song)

7  Day I Turn 50
8  Strands
9  I Will Save Myself
10  Uprooted
11  Spring Green
12  Ordinary 2nd Best Friend of the Hero
13  Steam
14  Tiny World
15  The Road Ends Here
16 The Na Na Na Song


Live for Darien
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I Want to Be a Librarian
Becca gets all techno
and a little silly in this
tribute to the bibliothecary.
Yours for $0.99 at CDBaby
(Okay, technically this is
not an album; CDBaby thinks
it is. Just 3 min. and 46 sec.)

Rebecca Angel: I Want To Be A Librarian

Back Pocket Tunes

1 Flow My Tears
2 Like a Blizzard
3 Rowing

4 E Train

5 Two-Dimensional Love

6 I Love You Oddly

7 Again


Read a Review from
The Hartford Advocate


Back Pocket Tunes
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Fantasy Escape

1 Reality of You
2 Fantasy Escape
3 Dreaming in Red
4 Fool's Blues
5 Believe
6 The World is Gone
7 Come Home
8 Melted Wax
9 Benjamin
10 Matthew's Mind
11 Do You Dream?
12 Dreamtown
13 Mortal Slave
14 Jeremy
15 Kaylar's Lament
16 Free Marie
17 Evil Eye
18 Tinkerbell




Fantasy Escape
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Optimist's Manifesto

1 Clarinet Waves are Square
2 Optimist's Manifesto
3 21st Birthday
4 Journey
5 Start Living
6 Uprooted
7 The Last Chapter
8 Womb
9 Walk Faithfully
10 The Na Na Na Song



Optimist's Manifesto CD
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Review of Back Pocket Tunes
The Hartford Advocate

When she's not homeschooling her two children, starting her own education business, staging her plays, writing short stories, or directing children's choruses, Rebecca Angel makes music. If her third album, Back Pocket Tunes, is any indication, she could make a decent living as a singer, especially considering the way her protean voice flirts with superstardom (a lick of Madeleine Peyroux's jazz here, a touch of wispy indie darling Mirah there). But for Angel, family and creativity take priority over self-promotion and touring. Thus, Tunes is her first recording in three years — and what a difference the downtime has made. The production is clearer and more deliberate than on her previous discs and her love songs are still sentimental and evocative, but less sappy. She successfully dabbles in band arrangements. And more than ever, Tunes shows off her fantastic vocal range and inventive pronunciation. Her cover of the timeless "Flow My Tears" is a stunning opener, and "Rowing" pivots on a challenging, deftly executed key change that propels Angel into a stratospheric high note. You can hear and purchase Back Pocket Tunes at