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Health and Wellness

Where did you come from? Why are you here?

Maybe you heard my song I Love You Oddly, or are a fan of  GeekMom, or follow me on Instagram, or are curious about my  Female Speaking Character Project.

I put up this site to showcase my survival from Cushing’s Syndrome and ongoing health discoveries, creative projects, music, and anything and everything that inspires me. Maybe something connects with you, and you connect with me, and we can figure it out together, one breath at a time.

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 What is Cushing’s? How am I recovering? 

I wish I didn’t define my life as Before, During, and After Cushing’s, but that’s how it goes. I could say the same for that first kiss with the love of my life, learning I was pregnant at nineteen, or the first time I shared my music at an open mic. Some experiences were not a fork in the road, but teleportation into a new realm with no return. Oh yeah, I’m a geek too.

Rebecca Angel with Cushing's Syndrome 2017

With Cushing’s.

Rebecca Angel healthy smile

Two years after surgery.