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“During my illness I learned that my main job is to love, everything else is a side hustle.”

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A Second Chance

After Cushing’s

If you are reading this it means you are not dead yet. There’s a reason you are here. A few years ago I was dying from a devastating illness called Cushing’s. I had life-saving surgery and I’m still here. Why?

I lived a full life before, during, and after Cushing’s. Each a different phase. During my illness, I learned that my main job is to love, everything else is a side hustle. I’m writing a memoir about my Cushing’s experience and continuing to expand my creative world.

Where did you come from? Why are you here?

Maybe you heard my song I Love You Oddly, or are a fan of GeekMom, or follow my Peaceful DIY on Instagram, or are curious about my Female Speaking Character Project.

I put up this site to showcase my survival and ongoing health discoveries, creative projects, and anything and everything that inspires me. Maybe something connects with you, and you connect with me, and we can figure it out together, one breath at a time.

Rise Untethered. Move with Intention. Be grand.

What’s Next?

My Memoir


Cushing’s Story

This is a photo while I had Cushing’s Syndrome, and then 10 months after my surgery. What is Cushing’s? How am I recovering?

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