Mystery black tea, honey, cream. (Nice flavor, a bit stale.)

The beauty of the world is endless: clouds continually give me such joy, the wind is one of my oldest friends, and trees- they are spirits sharing, giving, showing me the way.

Unfortunately, I have to force myself outdoors.

I went to a gifted energy practitioner several years ago who helped me with several physical (and emotionally tied) problems simply by pressing on points of my body during one session, and then giving me a daily routine to keep myself in balance. I have been faithful to every part of that routine except one: feet in the grass to stay grounded.

Sometimes I have a legit excuse; there is snow. But usually, it’s the ick factor that stops me. Dew, rain, coldish, probably bird poop, bugs, etc. 

(Ok, so as I finished the last sentence while staring out my window, I went and stood in the grass for a few minutes sipping the last of my tea. First it was all “yuck!” because it was slightly damp, but the sun was on my face, the wind was blowing, and my tea was warm and sweet. Freakin’ gorgeous day! I went inside and got my notebook and now I’m writing on my front stoop- nice, clean concrete. Ah.)

Grounded. I need to be grounded. To have a better perspective on reality? To be more aware of the here and now? To appreciate the real world? 

I once had this image of myself floating high, holding balloons of all my fantasies, but with a chain attached to my ankle connecting me to my family and friends on earth. Until recently, I spent much of the day somewhere in my mind with characters and stories and songs and fantasies. I truly felt that if I didn’t have obligations of people I loved, I would never stay in reality.

(Hey! A squirrel! What the hell is in its mouth?)

I’ve certainly become more grounded as I’ve gotten older, or maybe it’s lack of good sleep the last couple of years? I used to have an active dream life. I also used to sleep close to my husband holding his hand every night. Now I barely remember any dreams, and need s-p-a-c-e in order to get any sleep.

I kinda miss being in the clouds all the time.

(Aw, such cute little puffy ones today. I really should get out more.)

Rise unfettered.
Move with intention.
Be grand.

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