Earl Gray…Um, With Vinegar?

Transitions are hard. I have a new piano student this year who is an adult and complete beginner. She mentioned her life is in transition, and learning something she had always wanted to do was a way of coping. 

Personally, I picture myself at the edge of a chasm with no where to go but across. There’s a rope dangling from the sky, and it will take a leap of faith to trust this rope. So I do, and it does, but I forgot my tea, and it’s a high-quality green that really can’t steep very long. So I go back, get the tea, take the rope again to the new side. But I have to go to the bathroom and I have no idea where the bathroom is on this new side, so I put my tea down, go back, etc. etc. etc. 

Trusting the rope seems to be the least of my issues.

(I made myself an herbal tonic of apple cider vinegar steeped for a couple weeks with herbs from my garden. I take a spoonful in water every morning. Quite a strong flavor, but very healthy. Unfortunately, I was too lazy to get a new cup, and didn’t rinse it out very well, because I made my tea in it and…odd flavor. It’s not awful, just not the Earl Gray I was going for.)

My life is stable-ish. I have one kid in college, and one still in high school. But in two years- empty nest! And I will be forty. That’s a whole lotta years stretching out (God-willing) before me looking unfocused like a movie shot in the desert where the main character has a white shirt wrapped around their head, staring across the wavy, indistinguishable landscape.

I should probably stick with the chasm and rope metaphor. 

(And get a new cup for tea.)

Rise unfettered.
Move with intention.
Be grand.

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