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 A quarter of my homeschooling group was out due to illness, so my teas today were all about boosting my immune system. Although the first activity for my son begins at ten, we arrive at nine to help set up for the day. And then he and I retreat upstairs to read together.

Regardless of how old my children are, we enjoy a read-aloud book. I find the older classics are better received that way, and besides, I like doing voices. This semester’s selection is Pride and Prejudice, absolutely perfect with a cup of tea since I know the characters must be sipping along with me.

What’s that I hear? A low murmur, “…wait, did she say ‘son’?” Why yes, I did. I am reading Pride and Prejudice out loud to my fifteen year old son. Half-way through, he finds it really amusing. And the vocabulary he is being exposed to puts modern day YA to shame. I personally only read the book a couple of years ago. I like it, but can’t call myself a Fan because I know too many. 

(I’m writing this at the end of the day, sipping my immune tea, but brewing a Rooibis Chai from DiviniTea; it’s too late for caffeine. I’m making a whole pot for the family; the spices should boost our health. About a hour brew, sweeten with honey, add milk, and we’ll pour it over ice for a treat!)

My son watched The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, which is a modern-day online adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. He thought it was funny, and asked about the long movie his aunt likes to watch (the BBC version of P+P). I told him if he really wants to know the story, he should read the book, and offered it as our read aloud. I promised a ridiculous Mr. Collins, and he accepted. After we finish, the plan is to watch the movie with his aunt who CANNOT WAIT. 

So far it has been an enjoyable read. Mr. Collins and Mrs. Bennet are my favorite voices, although Darcy is interesting. He came out in this low, halting voice, reminiscent of so many awkward geeky guys I know. Lizzie is happy and confidant, while Lydia is almost valley-girl. 

If you are a fan, or a Fan, I recommend reading the book out loud to your kids, pets, or fellow enthusiast!

(Ok, chai is brewed. Time to go.)

Rise unfettered.
Move with intention.
Be grand.

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