Honeybush Chai: DiviniTea

Asking the right question. Gosh darn, that’s difficult! The start of all problem solving is figuring out what the real problem is. I know this. You know this. We all scream for good tea! Um…

Let’s just say, for strictly arguments sake, that I would like to make this blog successful. This would be a problem to be solved. But what is the real question I’m asking? To find out, I’m going to write ten questions quickly in a row so my subconscious can jump into this “hypothetical” problem:

1. How can I make Steepings successful?
2. How can any blog be successful?
3. What do I mean by success?
4. Do I really want success?
5. Why wouldn’t I want success?
6. Is something holding me back from attempting success?
7. Am I afraid of committing to one idea?
8. Am I afraid of failing?
9. Can I be afraid of failing and succeeding at the same time?
10. Can’t I just enjoy writing about tea without all these freakin’ psychological annoyances?

Heh. Heh. Good thing that was just a test or I’d need to ponder deep-seated life career issues!

(My husband baked a cake for my son’s birthday. Since I am gluten-free, all the baked goods in the house are too. This cake came out delicious, but dense. My mother-in-law was over and declared it a “tea cake” because it didn’t have frosting and was best eaten (or dunked) with a cup of tea. Sure! So today I am eating a piece of this tea cake, washing it down with chai, and it is indeed a sumptuous combination. I would give you the recipe, but my husband made it up. However, you can get the chai here.)

Let’s try a different question seeking game. The other one wasn’t my cup of tea. In this one, you ask a “why” question, answer it, and follow up with a new “why” based on that answer until something true comes up.

Why didn’t I like the first question exercise?
Because I don’t want to answer the right question.
Why don’t I want to answer the right question? 
Maybe because I don’t really want to know. 
Why don’t I want to know? 
Maybe it takes too much effort.
Am I a lazy bum that wants to sit around, drink tea, read books, and write whatever comes to mind?

Great. I have one affirmative answer. Problem solving at its best. Pass the tea cake.

Rise unfettered.
Move with intention.
Be grand.

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