Pumpkin Spice (Republic of Tea) With Honey and Coconut Creamer

Reviews are fun because I get free stuff, but not so fun because then I have to actually review it- get all judgemental on people. I try to focus on positives and what my audience needs to know, not my whimsical personal opinion.

I review books and games for GeekMom, and our general policy is not to give a bad review unless it’s a dangerous toy. This doesn’t mean we lie, it means the review won’t go up if the product isn’t up to par. The editors suggest we privately inform the seller why we didn’t like it. 

(Pumpkin Spice came in the mail with a Republic of Tea catalog. I didn’t make it right away because I wasn’t too excited about it. My local tea shop makes such a nice fall blend, how could it compare? Well it did. I’m not going to get into the specific “notes” and “overtones”, though it you want to get all musical ternimology on the beverage, it was less a classical symphony of Autumnal spices, and more an divertamento string quartet from the Romantic Era with a lighter yet intricate blending of flavor, aka: it was yummy in my tummy…err, taste buds. If you’re looking for a good seasonal blend, try it!)

I just became part of the Tea Bloggers director (yes there are enough of us out there…weird). Most of the questions dealt with reviews: what kind of tea products you review, how long it might take to post, etc. I checked off the boxes for:
 “tea cups/servingware” because maybe I can try some cool sciencey weird tea invention that saves the world! Or a set of pretty tea cups I can give away as a present.

“tea-inspired books” because I like reading, and I like tea, and maybe they can co-exist in the same time-space continuum? Or not. I’ve never been drawn to those cozy mystery novels set in a cute town in a little shop, which might be what tea-inspired books are. Or maybe someone will write a steampunk novel where everyone is drinking tea and saves the world!

“other” because I’m curious what might come in the mail…doubtless something that will utilize tea to SAVE THE WORLD!

If putting “Steepings” out there comes to anything actually being shipped to my house, I guess I’ll have to do a fair review. Who am i kidding? Anything I write is my whimsical personal opinion. But here’s to hoping I get free stuff!

Rise unfettered.
Move with intention.
Be grand.

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