Tahitian Vanilla Hazelnut: Yogi Tea

Tea on sale. Does it influence you? I appreciate sales because they help with the decision making process. There are just too many teas to choose from. Yogi brand is on sale at my co-op this month so I bought plenty of immune booster blends, and tried some random ones too. Chicory root and carob are the main ingredients in this blend- quite bold flavor for tea. Do you remember when carob was introduced as a healthy alternative to chocolate? Ha. Ha. Ha.

(Although I started writing this at home with the above-mentioned tea, I am now meeting a friend at a cafe. I decided to try their Pumpkin Chai Latte [“pumpkin! in all the things!] Waaaaay too sweet. Glad I passed on the cookie as a side treat.)

There are so many decisions to make: life goals, yearly achievements, daily priorities, sudden-crazy-in-the-moment choices. I find it overwhelming most days. And end up doing things arbitrarily because often my best laid plans…well, yeah. 

I went to a bookclub over the weekend and we always have a potluck and chat before discussing the book. I found myself in a conversation with a frustrated mom whose daughter is freaking out about the college application process. The girl is overwhelmed with the gravity of her decisions, and simply not getting anything done. Not deciding is a decision too. 

I remember listening to an interview with a woman who had been kidnapped as a child. Her daily decision making process came down to: will this keep me alive? Thankfully, I have less basic survival decisions. Instead, mine are less important, but more complex. And often I don’t know if the decision made was correct, or worse, mattered at all.

(My friend chose a tea from the cafe’s selection of Harney and Sons. That’s a nice brand and a healthier choice than my Sugar Pumpkin Sugar Chai Sugar Latte. But I have a hard time paying for something I can make at home. I don’t have a milk steamer thingy in my kitchen.)

One of the toughest life-altering choices in recent years was about moving to a new city. Various details, but my husband and I had the opposite opinion about it. We finally sat down one evening for a BIG TALK. We quickly realized the question came down to this: who will resent the other more? It was not a black and white decision, but shades of  dark bruising purple. The goal being to stay together. We were blunt with each other, and chose matter-of-factly about it. We’re still married several years later, so that worked out. But we couldn’t have known at the time, and still had to decide.

Choosing a tea from the shelves and shelves should be fun. A bad choice will not get me killed, change my future career options, or affect my marriage. And yet I stare at the plethora of options, chewing my lip, comparing fonts or color schemes on boxes, and spending too much of my time on one of the most arbitrary decision of my day. Narrow it down for me please! Quick, what’s on sale?

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