Apple Cider with “Hot Apple Cider Tea”: Republic of Tea

I’ve always liked pizza with everything on it, ice-cream with crazy toppings, and cooking a curry with twenty or so ingredients. Pile it on! Stuff it in! The more the merrier!

One of my favorite Christmas memories is decorating the tree outside my father’s house in Brooklyn. He had one tree in the teeny yard, but enough lights to flame a forest. My sister, he, and I strung those lights round and round. After each new string we would stand half way down the block to admire the effect. My sister and I would say, “That’s great!” and my dad would cackle, “MORE LIGHTS!” And so we put more lights on until you couldn’t even tell it was a tree anymore- just a shining beacon of over-the-top hilarity.

When I’m excited about something, I tend to go a bit overboard. I like tea, so I drink it, eat it, share it, knit it, read and write about it, pour it on my hair, spray it on my face- ahem. I am a tea geek. You can read all about it in my post on GeekMom.

(Oh, the decorations! We have a big Lego Christmas display all around our living room my son just finished. You can see pictures from last year here.)

‘Tis the season of hot cocoa, eggnog, and cider, so I put tea in them. Chai goes especially well with all, but there are so many kinds of tea for experimentation. Hot cocoa especially is happy to swim with different flavors. I made hot buttered rum a couple of years ago and thought it was ok. Probably needed tea in it.

This line of thought reminds me of when I first started getting interested in tea. It was a unit study when my children were young. I knew the history and culture of tea would be worldwide, so I thought it was a good jumping off point for our year of Social Studies. I homeschool my kids (continuing the theme of getting very into things) and we had a great time. You can look at all the cool stuff we did on our site hereWe contacted The Republic of Tea about our site and studies and they sent us mugs and hats as a thumbs up. Yay!

Time to sit back with the fam and admire the new display with a steaming mug in our hands.

Rise unfettered.
Move with intention.
Be grand.

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