Spice of Life: White Tea from Teavana

Two minutes. That’s what it says on the package for this tea I’m drinking. Guess what takes two minutes while it’s brewing? Doing a Mad-Libs with my son from his daily calendar! (That was your second guess, right?)

Dancing Class (A Play)
BOY: Would you do me the honor of brewing with me?
GIRL: Of course! I am good at contaminating and incriminating.
BOY: I like gurgling the best, but I can also do the gobly-gook and the ink.
GIRL: The last time I did those dances, I broke my palm!

Feel free to add in your own words for mad fun!

I’m not sure where the tea came from, but it’s been sitting on my tea shelf and I felt bad for it. Someone in the house got it for Christmas (’cause I certainly didn’t buy it). It needed to be used! It smells like a coconut spice cake, but tastes very light. I like it! Exclamation points!!!

So Valentine’s Day. Love it, hate it, ambivalent…it, but I can use it as an excuse to do tea stuff with it (whether it likes it or not! Ha!) How about truffles? How about cashew cream truffles? How about cashew cream truffles rolled in Russian Caravan and cocoa? More exclamation points!!!

My wee nieces came over to help make the truffles today. The older one didn’t like the smokey smell of Russian Caravan (but somehow ate them anyway…) but the younger was too distracted by the chocolate covering her entire being to notice much beyond asking: “When can I lick it off?” a lot.

Make them for yourself, your friends, family, or that certain someone you want to impress. I can’t guarantee the truffles will make anyone fall in love with you, but- actually, YES, they WILL make people fall in love with you. I absolutely guarantee it! (I’m lying.)

Here’s the recipe: (adapted from MakePeaceWithFood‘s recipe. Btw, the truffles taste decadent, but aren’t bad for you- barely any sugar, no dairy, and nuts and dark chocolate are good for you.)

Blend 3/4 cp of raw cashews and 3/4 cp of water in a processor or blender for 2 minutes. (It’s a long time, yes.)
Put 2 inches of water in a sauce pan on low. Put another saucepan on top of it and pour 16oz of semi-sweet chocolate chips plus 1Tbls olive oil into that top pan. Let chocolate melt- stir it around.
Pour liquified (awesome word) chocolate into a ceramic or glass bowl. Gently stir in the cashew cream. Place the bowl in the refrigerator for 2 hours.
Crush 3 Tbls of Russian Caravan tea (or other tea) into teeeny bits. It helps to have a mortar and pestle, but be inventive. Mix with 4 Tbls of cocoa powder in a small bowl.
When the truffle base is ready, take a spoon and scoop out a bit into your hand. Roll it into a ball and then roll it around the tea/cocoa mix. Place on a tray.
Put full tray of amazing truffles in the fridge until you are ready to EAT THEM ALL.

Happy Valentine’s Day! More and more exclamation points!!!


  1. Anonymous

    Tried to leave a comment & Firefox crashed. Trying again. The truffles sound great & I may try. I'm now mostly a coffee drinker, but like tea. I'm very curious about this spice tea. What is it like, & where do you get it. Hundreds of years ago, some of us were practically addicted to Russian Spice tea from the Daily Grind. Wonder if they still have it. A very aromatic black (?) tea w/orange peel, & maybe cinnamon/cardamom. We found you could not keep it in a metal container, probab. because of the citrus oils. From DebbieK (folk group)

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