Earl Grey With Perty Flowers

Last week I awoke to the feeling of Spring. It was about six degrees outside and snow everywhere, but a sunny switch clicked. Or maybe I just had several nights of good sleep. Either way, hope has returned. I sit here drinking Earl Grey with yellow flowers. I can’t remember where I bought it, or what kind of flowers they are (linden?) but the taste is lovely: a subtle difference from the regular bergamot and black tea, not enough to change the character of my beloved drink, but enough to awaken something new.

I sent out a few postcards to people I love but don’t see often enough. Does anyone send postcards anymore? The lady at the post office had to search for the stamps. My messages were basically the same: “Hi! I love you!! Spring is coming!!!” A part of me is eternally ten years old. There are worse examples of immaturity. 

March can be a challenging month in upstate New York: Daylight Savings Time kicks in the wrong direction (why is that still a thing?!) so we’re all cranky in the morning, the sun is shining more, but the weather swings like February or April sometimes in the same day, and the technical date of Spring waltzes by regardless of what’s actually happening outside. 

The memory of last March is one I’d rather forget because my house was in the midst of a six-week plague. I am not one to visit the doctor or take my children unless there has been a couple weeks of personal immune battles. We went twice to the doc during last March, “hoping” the flu was something else so drugs could cure us. Alas, it was just a really, really strong strain of the flu (the 1918 Spanish version had been going around- aren’t we the lucky winners to catch it!) The two teens and myself were laid out, while my healthy husband did everything and listened to us whine for over a month. But it passed, we brightened up, and Spring eventually arrived.

On a positive note (la!) extreme temperature changes are also why the maple sap runs so we have syrup. I guess I can’t complain too much because I love maple syrup. Try it in your chai- FANtalicious!

Perhaps my joy this March is because no one is sick (quick! knock on wood!) or because my TeaPunk Soirèe went well (good attendance! happy faces!) and I’m planning another for April with the theme: Bloomin’ Blast. Or it could be that this tea is really tasty and hot, and with the sun falling through my window, I am warm inside and out.

Rise untethered.
Move with intention.
Be grand.

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