Wedding Favor Tea

“Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things.” – Chaim Potok 

Because often things are pretty crappy in life. It’s been a week of snot and hacking for one. But in the midst of it, I got to attend a joyous wedding between two sweet people. So let’s discuss that because tea was also in attendance. 

My daughter (co-founder of TeaPunk) and I drove out to CT for the wedding, and the first thing we did upon arriving at the reception area was scout out the tea location. One, because we both had a cold and really need a hot drink, and two, because we always look for tea. We were pointed in the right direction and found a spot decorated with two tiny tea pots in the shape of houses. So cute! We chose a blueberry flavor tea, which was in the theme of the day’s color: purple. I would love to tell you it tasted good, but I couldn’t taste anything at the time. But it felt very nice on my throat, so there’s that 🙂

Each table’s centerpiece was a decorative teapot. The mother and aunt of the bride spent the last few months keeping their eyes peeled at garage sales and the Salvation Army for all the pots. The one at our table had elegant gold trim. There was a game we were supposed to play to find a winner to take the teapot home, but we all decided instead to give it to the aunt of the bride who had expressed a love for this particular one. I had my eye on a japanese style one at another table, but I thought it might be bad form to just steal it on my way out the door. (You think?) I hope it went to a good home. 

We also received a wedding favor bag that contained: a decorative card with the couple’s name and that day’s date, two chocolates with purple trim, and…wet wipes? It couldn’t be, but what else…oh! A tea bag! Yeah, my daughter couldn’t believe that I didn’t figure it out immediately. Just like it’s human instinct to see faces in amorphous designs, I should assume “tea” for everything. 

In my defense, my brain was foggy from my cold. All week I kept remarking, “This tea isn’t brewed enough; I can’t taste…oh, right.” Remembering I couldn’t taste anything. So incredibly sad (Yet effective in trying to eat less. I didn’t snack much.)  I’ve been rating food on texture. Hot tea without milk but lots and lots of honey. Especially tea with ginger in it- that spicy feeling was good.

This morning I drank some tea and said aloud, “Wow! This tea tastes great!…oh, right.” Realizing, it was just that I can finally taste again. That’s a happy thing.

Rise untethered.
Move with intention.
Be grand.

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