Ginger Tumeric Tisane

“Life is a series of breathing exercises.” Mary Taylor

My niece, eight years old, gave me a helpful yoga pose she learned if you have trouble sleeping: it’s lying on your stomach, arms outstretched, and breathing slowly. (Btw, kids are very handy with advice if you are open to ask.) Last night I used the pose to calm my frustration at not sleeping well. Breathing steady allowed me to clear my mind and see possibilities, which led me to find a way to be comfortable and sleep again.

Driving is another time I need to remember to breathe. I often bring a tea-to-go with me, even on short trips. First, so I don’t stop and buy a drink (so freakin’ expensive!) and sipping tea is pleasant and makes me breathe calmly. (Though my anxiety levels would be so much better if ya’ll all learned how to signal.) 

Typing about mugs…

My first world problem is that to-go mugs keep the tea so hot! I realize that’s the point, but I’m used to a certain temperature of water to pour in the cup, time to brew, and then sip. But pouring it right into the mug to brew prevents any cooling down, and then I burn my tongue in the car. Ow! Ah! Ow! is not the breathing technique I’m usually going for. 

I have one from LLBean that keeps it hot for HOURS. Maybe that’s good for hiking, but I’m just going to the bank. Lately, I plan ahead, brew tea in a mug and then pour it into a to-go container right when I walk out the door. Brewing before I leave also takes away the awkward “what do I do with the teabag/basket of loose tea in the car now that it’s done steeping?” Perfect temp, perfect tea, good breathing and happiness as I make my way through the day. 

Typing about hiking…

My family and I like day hikes, though we haven’t gone much this winter. (Haven’t done much of anything outside this winter.) Hopefully soon. I like seeing the waterfalls in the spring. Now that it’s not fifty-two below zero everyday (well…it felt like it) I’m starting to take walks again. The rhythm of my body starts to flow with my steps, arms swinging, breathing the crisp air. Today I traveled in a large cemetery: winding paths, grey skies, bare branches, headstones, it certainly hit a mood. I also got lost on those paths, and when I finally figured out how to get back I was sorta late to pick up my son; I really booked it to the car. Very noticeable breathing (huffing, gasping.)

And back to just breathing…

I recently started meditating everyday. Just ten minutes. Ugh! Why is sitting still so hard? Stop fidgeting and breathe…slow down and breathe…breathe…relax and breathe…breathe…bre- is my tea ready yet?

Rise untethered.
Move with intention.
Be grand.

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