Cold Infusion: Earl Grey in Almond Milk

Technically the label on the tea said, “Black Tea With Bergamot”, but that’s what Earl Grey is. Why not just call it by its common name? There’s no trademark on it. Whatever you call it, I made a pitcher of cold yumminess for the family to enjoy on this hot day. Cold infusions have the best flavor, they just take planning ahead.

My life is planned in chunks. Right now summer is being coordinated, scheduled, and filled in. So far, it’s not filled up. That takes thinking ahead. My hubby always felt our kids needed lazy summer time: time to be bored, explore, and invent. Luckily, we never had the budget for much in the way of camps. They are old enough now to be working, but we still coordinate to make sure we have family lazy hot days.

On the topic of budgeting and scheduling: I’m trying to get things accomplished this week because the following two weeks are spoken for. I cancelled (or didn’t schedule) my regular work gigs, and am planning a spa week for myself, and then I’m taking a trip. This is not a family thing, this is a me thing. I linger over the ads in magazines for exotic spas, but they are waaaay out of budget. So, a Home Spa for me, by me, is fun to plan.

For my spa week: starts off with a Sunday BBQ Epic Dungeons and Dragons Game (I’m a happy geek with my family and friends), then fantastic breakfasts each morning (favorite meal of the day), use my massage gift certificate (thanks, Bridgit!), read a Scottish romance novel (thanks, Kathleen!), get nails done with a friend (perty toes), have afternoon tea at various places in the area (hopefully with fam and friends but I’m cool on my own too), yoga almost everyday (I’m getting a good deal from a local place), and at the end of the week is the Albany Tea Festival!

The reality check, of course, is that there are some things I couldn’t cancel that have to happen, and dealing with home emergency repair issues that recently came up. Whatever- spa week will still be my main focus!

The week after that I am traveling to Minnesota to visit extended family. It is my Aunt and Uncle’s wedding anniversary, and my mom felt it was important enough for me to be there, so she bought me a ticket (thanks, Mom!) I’m a little nervous because I haven’t been on an airplane in years and honestly…I don’t do much. My adventures are in my books and imagination. I remember hanging clothes on the line, looking up at the plans passing overhead and wondering where the people were off to, but that wondering stopped years ago. Perhaps that’s a sign I really do need to get away (thank again, Mom!)

My only consideration for my trip is deciding which teas to bring along. And that takes serious planning ahead.

Rise untethered.
Move with intention.
Be grand.

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