Jasmine Green

Although last week I typed about creating space, this week I’ve done a complete turnaround. Adding more to my mental landscape is usually how I deal with stress. But first, my tea:

I am drinking green tea with jasmine outside as I write this (for anyone wondering, I write by hand first.) A couple of weeks ago I would have brought a blanket with me, and now I’m in short sleeves. I suppose I will be in the mood for iced tea soon, but- oops!

(15 minutes later)

I just made some milky rooibos chai for when my sister and nieces come over. I made a bunch last week (there was a honey accident and I had to use it up right away, so I made an enormous cold brew sharing with all) and they really liked it; I promised another batch. But I forgot to make it last night! So I just ran in to make a quicker version. Hope it comes out well. Now what was I writing? Iced tea. Right. I made my tea hot this morning out of habit, but- “What? Now? Sure.”

(10 minutes later)

My son has been asking me to watch a silly video for the past couple of days. I’ve explained that I won’t get most of the jokes because it’s based on a video game I don’t play, but he explained back all the inside stuff so I could enjoy it. It was amusing. Anyway…

I’ve heard different schools of tea thought on what’s best to drink in warm temperatures: cold, tepid, iced? Here’s one take on it. Hard to concentrate on that when my brain is in Scotland, specifically the 18th century. Lemme esplain. Too long. Lemme sum up:

Last week, this week, and next were/are/will be very busy. There are things happening right now, and things that need to be planned for both the summer and fall. I am driving around quite a bit, which isn’t great physically, and still having sleep issues, which doesn’t help. People close to me are also stressed for various reasons (some minor and some very, very major) which I can’t help but respond to because I love them. 

So. Scotland.

I started reading the Outlander series way back when it first started (yeah, I’m proving myself to be a true fan, yo.) My aunt gave the book to my sister and I when she discovered it as a so-happy-you’re-adults-now-so-we-can-read-grownups-books-together present.  We really enjoyed them too, and all of us have been fans since (haven’t read the latest book yet so no spoilers!) 

A friend of mine lent me the DVD of the TV series that recently aired. How was I going to find the time in this busy stretch to watch it? I stayed up past my bedtime several nights in a row drinking tea, knitting, and forgetting everything in real life. And just like an ear worm, this fantasy world has been in the midst of my thoughts for days now.

As difficult as my daily meditation has been on a regular basis, now it’s impossible! Seriously. I can’t even count to ten without contemplating such deep thoughts as:
“Do I have any plaid in my wardrobe? I need more plaid in my wardrobe.”
“I knit, but I’m not that good. I could sing? Be a bard? But I wouldn’t know the Scottish songs. Would I have to work in the kitchen? I can’t even start a fire!”
“That body is totally from a 21st century workout routine. 18th century men did not have well-rounded pecs like that! I’ll need to look this up on Pinterest to compare…”

I’ll cut myself some slack. A mental vacation spot is how I stay sane. I need more tea. And I have some research to do on Pinterest.

Sweet Milky Chai
In a small pot heat up a cup or so of water with 1/3 cup of honey, and 3 Tablespoons of loose chai (or 9 tea bags). Stir. When the honey is all dissolved, shut off the heat and let it sit for 15 minutes. Put it in a container with 4 cups of whole milk and stick it in the fridge for at least 12 hours. Enjoy! Keep the chai in the container until it’s all done- gets better and better. Adjust the sweetener to your taste. 

Rise untethered.
Move with intention.
Be grand.

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