Chocolate Rooibos Tea

“Not only in the usages of polite society, but also in the arrangement of all our domestic details, do we feel the presence of the tea-masters.” Okakura Kakuzo

This final chapter of The Book of Tea is about the revered tea masters and their lasting influence on Japanese culture and design. Well, Kakuzo, it’s been a long sip of tea with you and your writing. I like this last chapter as it gets to the heart of tea.

What I have learned is to strive for beauty in the simplest acts because they echo into the bigger song of our lives. Perfection is not when everything is orderly with no mistakes, rather, when it is just-so.

“Perfection is everywhere if we only choose to recognize it.”

In ourselves when we reflect on the wonder of our existence. In others when we truly listen. In the world around us when we take a moment to stop and feel. How do we do this? By making a cup of tea. It is an old and world-wide ritual to place pauses into our day. Like music, the rests are just as important to the whole piece as the active notes. 

Thank you, Kakuzo for your wisdom. *deep bow*

“Those of us who know not the secret of properly regulating our own existence on this tumultuous sea of foolish troubles which we call life are constantly in a state of misery while vainly trying to appear happy and contented. We stagger in the attempt to keep our moral equilibrium, and see forerunners of the tempest in every cloud that floats on the horizon. Yet there is joy and beauty in the roll of the billows as they sweep outward toward eternity. Why not enter into their spirit…?”

Rise untethered.
Move with intention.
Be grand. 

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