Almond Crisp and A Foggy Brain

Almond Crisp tea from Short and Stout is my favorite flavor of the summer so far. I have the caffeine-free version which lets me drink it anytime of day. With a splash of cream and over ice, it’s perfect (and pink!)

Unfortunately, I’m having a hard time doing much more than drink tea. The last few years my health has been declining. At first I tried to push myself, thinking revving up would cure-all. But this past year, I decided to go the opposite direction and slow down. (And get some new doctors.)

I tried very hard to keep up my GeekMom posts each week, Tea Punk Tales, this here Steepings, articles for my local food co-op, and personal writing projects with music and fiction. But everything was taking longer and longer to complete, and wasn’t so fun anymore. Brain fog.

At the moment, I still write for GeekMom, though it takes me three times as long to complete each post. I put together very short articles for the Coop Scoop every other month. Aaaand that’s it.  My brain is exhausted.

However, the summer gives me more time (less teaching work outside the home). Last week I wrote my first personal song in three years. I also posted on here a little Ode to my marriage. I may be slow, but I’ve still got things to say. And lots of tea to drink.


  1. Unknown

    Becca, I'm so sorry you have (temporarily!) lost or 'mislaid' some of your drive. You are much too young for that! On the other hand, "to every thing there is a season", so maybe you should relax a little more. I'm glad you have a new song. Love to you! Debbie

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