Creative Update doobeedoo

Hey peeps,

I was writin’, then vewy vewy quiet, and then suddenly writing again! And now quiet again. Updates:

As I got sicker from Cushing’s I was no longer able to keep up this blog. Then after my surgery in Oct 2017, my brain started to function better and I started writing again. After a few posts here about my illness, I decided I should write a memoir about the whole experience (actually, my friend Allison suggested that), part therapy, part wanting to help others avoid what I went through. Or at least know they aren’t alone.

I’m also writing a romance novel with my sister as total therapy to focus on something that has nothing to do with how crappy I feel or the state of the world around me. Anxiety is a killer. is still humming along. I’m no longer a Core Contributor, but continue to keep my feet in the water.

I’m on the Albany Tea Festival planning committee and we’re working on a bigger, better festival this coming Fall. Woot!

Due to pain issues, guitar isn’t happening. However, I’m practicing the piano more. No composing, but considering I have like, 300 songs in my file, I think I’m good. If I get bored (crazy laughter) I can always record the songs that never made it onto previous albums. No plans to perform soon. Not up to that energy level or anxiety. Nope. Nope. Nope. If you’re bored, you can listen at cdbaby or bandcamp. Or if you want to see my FACE, old YouTube videos (under fw5blue) should do it. Did you hear the improv Lincoln in Hot video? I thought not…

Barely. I’m only working with my private students at the moment, and cut down for the summer to rest more. Finances are tight, so don’t expect any fancy presents.

Recovery is continuing at a steady pace. I have to keep my cortisol levels high enough not to go into shock, but low enough to make me miserable and wake up my remaining adrenal glad. But I look closer to “normal” than before, and I’m sleeping better (though not great) so signs are positive.

I get overwhelmed by people, so have been keeping a low profile in real life, however, I’m active on social media because…I’m sure there’s an addition on some level, but whatever, get high with me on twitter (@rebeccaangel) and instagram (fw5blue) mostly.

Olympic Dreams:
I do hope to attend them one day. Doesn’t matter Winter or Summer. I like watching amazing people. Oh, you thought as a participant? (crazier laughter)