Healing up!

Just to update on one of my previous posts:

I had the minor surgery. It went well. Unfortunately, I didn’t even have time to prepare mentally for when I needed to be in control of a trauma. I came out of anesthesia a little earlier than expected and simply woke up howling in pain, the mask was still on my face, they took it off, but then I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t speak, and went into panic and shock. The nurse was fantastic, talking to me as she administered a little pain meds, my cortisol, and valium so I could breathe normally enough to give me more pain meds, but by then my body was convulsing and she wrapped me in some huge blanket things with only my face peeking out. She stroked my face and stayed with me until my vitals normalized and I stopped shaking- about 40 minutes.

So the Compassionate Witness thing didn’t really help there. But I had outside resources, namely, the nurse. She said, as I was freaking out, “I have four kids. I’m going to take care of you.” And then I was taken to the recovery area where my husband was waiting. Within an hour I was able to whisper answers to their question (my voice was gone from the breathing tube and howling) and walk to the bathroom so they sent me home, where I’m healing quite nicely.

The difference in the speed of healing between this surgery and the last is profound. Yay! Onward!