Getting the site up! Woo-hoo!

Rebecca Angel looking confused in front of a computer
Rebecca Angel looking confused in front of a computer
This is the face I’m making as I try to design a website knowing absolutely nothing about websites.

(That’s the face I have while learning how to design a website as a total newbie.)

Website building is a process and one that I’ll come back to again and again. When I first decided to update my site (7 years out of date) I spent a few weeks dreaming and writing on notecards everything I would want in this online world of me. And then I realized I was using this website project as a procrastination tool from writing my memoir. Tricksy! Tricksy! 

So I’m keeping it simple. A Home page that double as an “about”, links to my social media accounts, a way to contact me, and this blog here. Still not quite done even with that, but the website should be up and running pretty in a couple of weeks.

And then back to writing. Yes. Though my spice cabinet is truly unorganized at the moment…