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My Story

Rebecca Angel is a compassionate creative.

Through music, writing, and an excitement for health, Rebecca spends her days creating and sharing with others. 

Her vast musical catalog about topics ranging from motherhood to fictional wizards spans decades and can be found on all online platforms like YouTube and Insight Timer. She is also a music teacher as her legit job.

While a GeekMom contributor for ten years, she explored both her geeky passions like manga, pirates, and fantasy novels, as well as topics like education and mental health. She created the Female Speaking Characters project to highlight gender equality in fiction. Currently, she is a freelance writer.

She is also obsessed with tea, blending and drinking many brews, while exploring health and healing of all systems: physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual. 

A recent empty-nester, she and her husband enjoy table-top games, organic gardening, and hiking in beautiful upstate NY. You can find updates on her music, writing, tea, and projects on Instagram or Facebook @rebecca_angel_music on TikTok @CreativeWithChronic or on Twitter @RebeccaAngel

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