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Cushing’s Memoir

I am currently writing a memoir about my Cushing’s story, survival, and recovery tentatively entitled, “Obese Pregnant Man: My Superhero Origin Story with Cushing’s Syndrome.” I started it a year after my life-saving surgery in 2017 knowing much of my suffering was due to ignorance. I couldn’t make much headway and stopped. I realized I was procrastinating because of fear and trauma, both from what I had gone through, and a lifetime of having negative consequences whenever I tried to speak my truth. I meditated. Then I spent some time researching. 

I spent several months finding out about Cushing’s both from my own medical records (hundreds of pages!) and whatever I could find in print or online (not much, and most copied and pasted from the same few sources.) But again, I had trouble writing my story. I started therapy to work through my PTSD (I couldn’t even go to a doctor’s office without a panic attack at that point.) A friend suggested I write it in essay form just to get an outline. That was good advice.

I wrote the essay and found the structure of my story. I joined a writer’s group (Writing Class Radio online classes) and three years later, I’m typing up this thing. I’m also regularly sharing on social media different aspects of my journey. I’m also part of several support groups online to give the advice I wish I had had.

I know the next step is to find an agent, so please contact me if you are one and are interested in helping this important story get out into the world. 


Female Speaking Character Project

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Currently, I am in a project to increase the percentage of female speaking characters in books. First, this begins by keeping track and having statistics to look at over time. I began this in 2018 and published my findings in each review or author interview on GeekMom as well as Instagram. I am currently keeping track within my GoodReads reviews. My hope is that readers consider gender equality before picking up a book to read. I hope the authors take this seriously enough to keep track as they write their next novel. I want publishers to realize it is a thing.

I believe empathy and compassion come from reading the stories of others. I believe introspection starts from taking other character’s journeys to heart. My role models and my warnings came from books. Gender ratio that reflects our real world (51% female) will change how women are perceived. I want girls to know that their voices count.

I review lots of books and publish author interviews on GeekMom.com on my own or part of Between the Bookends feature. I always let authors know their female speaker stats and ask, “Do you keep track?” My goal is not to shame if they don’t have equal gender, but to let them know it matters and encourage them for their next project. 

The worlds inside books can change our real world, so let’s make it equal, shall we?

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And the rest…

I’ve been writing fiction stories, plays, poetry, and non-fiction pieces for a long time. A few can be found on this here interwebs thingy. I’ve been writing for GeekMom for over a decade, and regular contribute to the little food and wellness magazine The Coop Scoop (I’m also the managing editor…). As I update this site, I’ll add more links here!