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There was never a plan for music: writing, performing, studying, teaching. Music was and still is, just who I am. 

Coming from a musical family, I was always singing and playing the piano, however, it wasn’t until I was in an apartment without a piano, that I picked up the guitar. I was twenty. My daughter learned to stand while I learned chords. Eventually, we got a piano too, and I started composing on both instruments. To entertain my family. To tell the stories I didn’t have time to write into a book. To explore fantasies and fears.

Open mics led me to solo performances. I started a band, then another. I recorded an album, then a few more. No fame or money, but had fun. I fell into teaching and started a career. Went back to school and earned a degree.

The physical and mental toll of Cushing’s made performance and composition agony so I stopped. During recovery, the memory of that darkness blocked any new creative flow. Through meditation and therapy, I am slowly finding my way. 

I have recently begun sharing some of my songs on Insight Timer, the meditation app. I am choosing songs that have helped me become the person I want to be, explore deeper questions, or just elevate my day! Some tracks have beginning audio about the creative process behind each song.

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Insight Timer

Although I have been using this meditation app for almost a decade, I only just began to share my music as a form of creative mindfulness. 


Concerts, live shows, living room recordings, and more on YouTube.


Optimist’s Manifesto, Fantasy Escape, Back Pocket Tunes, Live: For Darien.


Your Undead Heart, I Want To Be A Librarian. 





Some reviews and my Very Occasional Newsletter.

“This is a fantastic song! I originally heard it on Welcome to Night Vale weather and eventually found it online. I originally got it for free from your site but it’s good enough that I want to spend money on it. This song has helped me a lot recently and I thank you for that.”

Ari ~fan


“I must say that anybody who missed Rebecca Angel… missed out…Both performances, solo and with the band, were nothing less than stunning…to witness Rebecca perform was really something special… consider me a devoted fan.”

GuitBoxBob, Utica Dispatch

“If her third album, Back Pocket Tunes… her protean voice flirts with superstardom (a lick of Madeleine Peyroux’s jazz here, a touch of wispy indie darling Mirah there)…She successfully dabbles in band arrangements. And more than ever, Back Pocket Tunes shows off her fantastic vocal range and inventive pronunciation. Her cover of the timeless “Flow My Tears” is a stunning opener, and “Rowing” pivots on a challenging, deftly executed key change that propels Angel into a stratospheric high note.”

Barry, Hartford Advocate

New songs are being composed, and I am performing live shows online. If you want to be the first to know what I’m doing with my music, sign up for my Very Occasional Newsletter.