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Tea means Health

Health, like tea, can be good for you, be yummy, and provide comfort.

Holistic health practices ensure that every part of me: physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual is balanced, accepted, and loved. For me, tea provides that balance in the growing of herbs, drying and sorting, creating new blends, making tea for myself, and sharing it with others. 

Before Cushing’s, I took care of my body, mind, and spirit as best I could. I still got sick. But I survived until I could get treatment because of the way I took care of myself with healthy food, moderate exercise, herbal and natural remedies, meditation, time outdoors, and lots of hugs. After Cushing’s, I’m older and have to treat myself like the super special sensitive being I am, just to live day-to-day. I hope to share with you everything I’ve learned both with a chronic, debilitating disease, and just being a healthy middle-aged lady.

Therapy, music, books, and the Insight Timer app have all taught me valuable tools for mental wellness. I recently began uploading my music on Insight Timer to share creative mindfulness with others.

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Tea means taking care of the Earth

Being stewards of our world is important. My family and I have an urban organic garden. I enjoy DIY tisanes (herbal tea), herbal vinegar brews, and create a tasty spiced elderberry syrup throughout the winter. I love cooking in season and supporting our local farmers with a CSA (community-supported agriculture.) Follow me on social media for weekly peeks into my garden and kitchen. We try so hard to step lightly on this planet, but we can’t do it alone. Luckily, it’s pretty easy. Join me!

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Tea means…Tea Punk!

Several years ago my daughter and I became just slightly obsessed with tea. It all started with a homeschooling unit study that was only for the fall, but continued through the year, launched a tea-themed body care business for my daughter, and a fun tea-themed newsletter called TeaPunk Tales for me. I posted the newsletter on my blog at the time, Steepings. I no longer update Steepings, but if you want to check past issues, click the link!

Steepings:   Tea Punk Tales