Ordinary Second-best friend of the hero; I make good money selling your autograph.”

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Creative Writing

I have always told stories, as a child, as a homeschooling mother, as a teacher of music and creative arts. More than performing, I’ve always wanted to create stories.

Several times in my life, I’ve had the privilege of seeing my imagination come to life, either as a short story in a published collection, or a theatrical play. I have hundreds (more?) stories, songs, and ideas in computer files, binders, and notebooks. All were abandoned due to illness years ago.

Now, as my health improves, my children are grown, it’s time to dust off those files and delve back into the fun of not just creating, but writing, and then sharing those stories with others.

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Rebecca Angel during and after Cushing's

Rebecca Angel with Cushing’s and cured (in recovery)

I am regularly sharing my Cushing’s story to help others and bring attention to this not-so-rare illness.

My Cushing’s Memoir

I started writing a memoir about Cushing’s a year after my life-saving surgery in 2017. I couldn’t make much headway and stopped. I realized I was procrastinating because of fear and trauma, both from what I had gone through, and a lifetime of having negative consequences whenever I tried to speak my truth. I meditated. I prayed. Then I spent some time researching. 


I spent several months finding out about Cushing’s both from my own medical records (hundreds of pages!) and whatever I could find in print or online (not much, and most copied and pasted from the same few sources.) But again, I had trouble writing my story. I started therapy to work through my PTSD (I couldn’t even go to a doctor’s office without a panic attack at that point.) A friend suggested I write it in essay form just to get an outline. That was good advice.

I wrote the essay and found the structure of my story. Many years later, I am still working on it.

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More Writing


I was a Core Contributing writer for GeekMom for ten years, back as an independent site, then part of Wired, and finally partnered with GeekDad

I have an extensive catalog of posts from geeky fandoms, to author interviews, to Con fun, to gaming, and more (a post a week for ten years!)

Please check out the hundreds of weekly posts I created. Not just geeky themes but explorations into education and mental health as well. Enjoy!

Female Speaking Character Project

 Several years ago I began a project by keeping track of female speakers in the novels I read. I published my findings in each review or author interview on GeekMom.

Although I no longer participate, you can see past statistics on reviews via GoodReads.

Readers should consider gender equality before picking up a book. Authors should take this seriously enough to keep track as they write. Publishers should realize it is a thing.

Empathy and compassion come from reading the stories of others. Introspection starts from taking other character’s journeys to the heart. Gender ratio that reflects our real world (51% female) will change how women are perceived. I want girls to know that their voices count.

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The Coop Scoop

For three years (Jan 2020 – Dec 2022) was the Managing Editor of The Coop Scoop, an eco-living print magazine produced by the Honest Weight Food Co-op in Albany, NY.

Before taking this job, I was a writer for many issues about family, health and wellness, food, and environmental tips and advice. 

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