Rebecca Angel during and after Cushing's

Rebecca Angel with Cushing’s and cured (in recovery)

I am regularly sharing my Cushing’s story on social media, as well as my writing journey.

My Cushing’s Memoir

I am currently writing a memoir about my Cushing’s story, survival, and recovery.

I started writing a year after my life-saving surgery in 2017. I couldn’t make much headway and stopped. I realized I was procrastinating because of fear and trauma, both from what I had gone through, and a lifetime of having negative consequences whenever I tried to speak my truth. I meditated. I prayed. Then I spent some time researching. 


I spent several months finding out about Cushing’s both from my own medical records (hundreds of pages!) and whatever I could find in print or online (not much, and most copied and pasted from the same few sources.) But again, I had trouble writing my story. I started therapy to work through my PTSD (I couldn’t even go to a doctor’s office without a panic attack at that point.) A friend suggested I write it in essay form just to get an outline. That was good advice.

I wrote the essay and found the structure of my story. Four years later, it’s slowly coming together. 

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More Writing


I have been writing for GeekMom for ten years, back as an independent site, then part of Wired, and finally partnered with GeekDad

I have an extensive catalog of posts from geeky fandoms, to author interviews, to Con fun, to gaming, and more (a post a week for ten years!)

Female Speaking Character Project

 I am keeping track of the percentage of female speakers in the novels I read. I began in 2018 and published my findings in each review or author interview on GeekMom.

I am currently keeping track in GoodReads and Instagram. Readers should consider gender equality before picking up a book. Authors should take this seriously enough to keep track as they write. Publishers should realize it is a thing.

Empathy and compassion come from reading the stories of others. Introspection starts from taking other character’s journeys to the heart. Gender ratio that reflects our real world (51% female) will change how women are perceived. I want girls to know that their voices count.

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The Coop Scoop

I am the Managing Editor of The Coop Scoop, an eco-living print magazine produced by the Honest Weight Food Co-op in Albany, NY.

Before taking this job, I was a writer for many issues about family, health and wellness, food, and environmental tips and advice. 

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